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Preference #7: His ‘Kink’ (Smut)

A/N: Omg, so I like haven’t written in forever and I’m really sorry, but I’m back and hopefully for good. Sorry if this sucks since I haven’t written in 500 years but hopefully it’s not too bad. Feel free to request at anytime. This is a warning for those of you who do not like smut. Okay, enjoy!

Michael: Rolepalying. But mostly teacher/student.He loves to have dominance over you in any way possible and even though he loves seeing you in a school girl uniform, he mostly likes to have control over you while you obey and do anything he tells you to. 

Luke: Public.Whether it’s at a store, in the car, or just anywhere outside of your house, he is aroused by the idea of you two doing it at any place. He loves having to go as hard as he can in a certain amount of time while still pleasing you until you reach your climax

Calum: Oral. He loves to see you when you give him head and look up at him. He also loves to return the favor though. Knowing that he can make you feel so good with just his mouth is his favorite part. The way you get when you’re close is something he enjoys watching. 

Ashton: Spanking. He is the type who always likes to grab your ass whether it’s in public or home, but when it comes to the actual thing, he loves to spank you. There’s just something about giving you pain and pleasure at the same time.